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[ALL INITIATORS] Critique Option

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PostSubject: [ALL INITIATORS] Critique Option 4th October 2011, 22:56

Attention all LTS collab initiators!

We're going to implement a new function here as an option for all coverists and mixers and in order to get this going smoothly, we'll need the cooperation of EVERYONE!

As you may know, some coverists like constructive feedback, others just want to sing for some, and many mixers want feedback on how they're doing. This new idea will help everyone to differentiate those members so all initiators, this is where you come in.

When you open a collab, please state somewhere in your first post that the coverist joining should choose [SHARING] or [VOCAL].
Sharing - No critque, praise or kind encouragement is welcomed but no criticism
Vocal - wanting feedback on how to improve

If a member joins and does not choose either, please kindly ask them in your collab topic ^^
The option they choose should be put beside their username in the cast list so when the collab is completed, other members who want to comment will know ^^

Now for mixers! If you're mixing your own collab and you'd like feedback on mixing, put [CRITIQUE] beside your name under "Mixer" or if your assigned packager would like feedback. you would do the same but with their username.

Thanks for all your cooperation ^^

and as of today, completed collabs will not be counted and the counting system before all collab titles will be gradually removed. All language forums except Chinese/Viet+others will have [JAPANESE] or [KOREAN] or [ENGLISH] will have their tags removed now that separate sections are made.
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[ALL INITIATORS] Critique Option

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