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 Symphony of The Black Swan - Kariya

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PostSubject: Symphony of The Black Swan - Kariya   9th November 2011, 11:53

Title: Symphony of the Black Swan
Pairing: Okamoto Keito x FC (Female Celebrity) ; Arioka Daiki x OC ; (Mentioned) Anderson Casey x OC
Rating: PG-13?
Genre: A bit of Angst, Romance.
Disclaimer: All the celebrities and graphics used in this fanfiction were merely borrowed. The Events are purely of fiction and so are some of the characters; the celebrity names were merely used as a representation of the characters in this fanfiction.
Everything here is purely fiction. Distribution or Plagiarism of any kind is prohibited; only use this with the written consent of Kariya.
Copyrighted. © Kariya 2011
Warnings: A lot of POV switches. I think I made Mary Sue characters here, so you tell me :>
Based off/source:*May not apply to all stories* The Movie, The Black Swan
Summary: In Seraph Academy exists the Anubis Coterie headed by Sugaya Risako and in the academy also exists Shimizu Saki of the same year as Risako. Although not intended, Risako and Saki enter a conflict and all because of a boy named Okamoto Keito who happens to be Saki's boyfriend and Risako's ex-boyfriend. Arioka Daiki enters as the neighbor and best friend of Saki, least does the girl know that Daiki felt more for her. The Coterie cooks up a plan and uses Daiki as an accomplice... Everything goes wrong in Saki's POV as they have their promenade. Will things get worse?...
Author Note: This fiction consists of 4, 373 words. This is one of my longest fanfics ever.

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PostSubject: Re: Symphony of The Black Swan - Kariya   9th November 2011, 11:55

Chapter 1 - Final


Terms <3
Anubis - The Greek name for a jackal-headed god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion.
Coterie - It's a synonym for the word "GANG"
Tsumori Chisato - A shop located at Aoyama, Japan.
Issey Miyake - The trainer of Tsumori Chisato.
Odette - The Protagonist for Swan Lake
Odile - The Antagonist counter-part of Odette
Cellie - An abbreviation for Cellphone
Asia University - A private university located in Tokyo, Japan that offers courses in Business Administration, Economics, Law and International Relations.
Tokyo College of Music - Founded as Toyo Conservatory of Music in Kanda, Tokyo in 1907. It is the oldest private music school in Japan.
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Symphony of The Black Swan - Kariya

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