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 Let It Snow

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PostSubject: Let It Snow   30th November 2011, 08:40

I forgot to post this up!!! *gets shot*
Rated for steamy kiss scene and that's it :)

5pm, December 8 – Manhattan, New York

Baby Boo

I miss you! Are you ever gonna call me to say you miss me too!


My Heart

Sorry, baby! But schedule is packed! I miss you!


Kim Mira sighed as she read the text message that followed after hers. She was sitting in a Starbucks café and sipping her coffee, her laptop on the table before her and her phone next to it. Her papers in her lap, she opened the word document ready to start writing some new lyrics for the new girl group she was working with. She typed in the words “Let It Snow”, the new song that the girls would sing. She had long ago knew that the girls would have a winter concept, they making her songs work out very well. And now it was almost Christmas and Mira had to write them a Christmas promotional song.

Staring outside of the shop’s window, she looked at the passerbys dressed in their wintercoats and bundled up for the winter holidays. She wished she was back in Seoul, in the warm arms of that one special person she wanted to see. But her job made her go to the USA, when she wanted to see her baby, her heart. She sighed as she continued to sip her coffee.

She wondered what he was up to. Of course she knew he had a schedule, Korean Idols usually were more busier than American ones. She sighed, wanting to experience the thrill of being back in Seoul, the rush of idols having promotionals and performances. She missed the daily screams of fangirls, the feeling of being on stage and dancing and performing. Yes, she was an ex-idol. But her group had split due to problems with their former company and Mira transferred to another entertainment company.

That's where she met him...

She picked up her pen and jotted down lyrics from her favorite Korean group's songs. She wasn't planning on using it in her own composition, no she wouldn't dare do that, but it was a type of inspiration for her. It gave her ideas just looking at the lines her boyfriend sang. It lifted her spirits up and she knew one day she would go back to him.

“Mira~” Someone called her name. Looking up from her laptop, she smiled as she saw several girls waving at her as they made their way to her.

“Hey girls!” Mira called out as she lifted a hand and waved a hand at them. “Hey Ivy, Sophie, Gemma.”

“What are you doing Mira?” Ivy asked as she sat down next to the Korean-American. Ivy, with her fair skin and blonde eyes looked at the computer screen. “Whose that?”

“Who’s who?” Sophie asked as she sat down on the other side of Mira. She had the skin of caramel, her dark thick hair barely brushing her shoulders. Looking at Mira's screen she also took a double take. “He’s a cutie!”

“Ah, him?” Mira pointed to the screen and smiled. She would always look at her screen and smile, the smile of the man staring at her always made her feel happy inside. She was slowly overwhelmed, the smile coming to her lips. “That’s my boyfriend.”

“What’s his name, Mira?” Gemma asked, throwing her long black hair behind her. She positioned herself behind Mira, her Latin roots clearly frightened Mira a bit.

She was used to seeing all Korean idols, whether they were actors and actresses, singers, and models. And although she was an American citizen, she being born in San Diego, she had been training in South Korea since she was 15 and debut when she was 19. She had adapted to the standards of Korean life. And so working in the US freaked her out a bit. She smiled, her lips curved wide, her eyes making an eye-smile. “Kikwang. His name is Kikwang Lee.”


8am, December 9 - Seoul, South Korea
Practice Room, Cube Building

“Okay, let's take ten.” Yoon Doojoon called out as he looked at the rest of his group members. The boys all shuffled around, settling themselves somewhere comfortable as they rested during their break. Doojoon had slumped next to a wall where his duffel bag was and pulled out his water bottle. He watched as Yang Yoseob and Son Dongwoon were laying on the ground, catching their breaths, Jang Hyunseung coming back from the break room with a wet handcloth, and Yong Junhyung was settled on a chair with a notebook and a pen. Lee Kikwang, however, was leaning against the wall, a smile coming to his lips as he read his text messages. Doojoon smiled, knowing who it was. “How's Mira?”

“She's fine hyung.” Kikwang called out as his fingers swiftly flew across the surface of his phone. “The group she's working for are weird.”

“How so?” Hyunseung asked as he wiped the sweat from his face. “Weirder than all of us?”

“But then again, Americans have a different sense of humor than what we have.” Dongwoon voiced as he stared at the ceiling.

“That's true.” Kikwang agreed. He put his phone back in his pocket and took a seat next to Doojoon. “Mira told me that one day, she was watching B2ST Almighty while writing lyrics with the group and they didn't find anything funny.”

“What?” Yoseob sat up upon hearing that and frowned. “So they didn't like me in a wig?”

“I guess not, hyung.” Kikwang smiled. His pocket was vibrating as he pulled out his phone once more and laughed.

Baby Boo

LOL I love Hyunseung-oppa's English line in Idol Maid. ”Give me four star, I give you my young sister!” But the girls don't understand lol


Kikwang laughed at the text message and told Hyunseung what Mira wrote. Hyunseung blushed, the other members chuckling. “Hey, my English suck. What can I say?”

“She's watching Idol Maid?” Junhyung asked, a small smile coming to his lips. “Damn, Kikwang-ah, tell your yeoja to come home. We need laughter.”

“You know she can't hyung.” Kikwang sighed. He lifted his phone up and replied to his girlfriend. “She signed a contract.”

“I miss Mira-noona.” Dongwoon sighed and lifted a sad face to the others. “She always made my day.”

Kikwang only smiled. He was pining inside, his love for her burning through the thickest layers of his heart. It was an odd feeling, strong yet foreign to him, as Kikwang never fell in love before. But with Mira, he learned how to love with all his heart. At first, he was considered a shameless flirt, flirting with only the pretty idols. Everyone had assumed he and Miss A's Min, or even he and Secret's sexy leader Hyosung, were an item. He let them think that, when in fact he was single and just waiting. Waiting for the right person.

And then she came into his life. When CUBE decided to hire more people, Kikwang had assumed that most of the new employees were middle aged. He never expected to meet a new trainee a year younger than him with a knack for composing her own songs. And when it came time to start her training, she already had vocal lessons and dance lessons, it was just a matter of putting her into a group and having her debut. During those endless days, Kikwang would just stare at her, enamored of her, teased her. He would joke around with her, occasionally help her, and sometimes guide her.

But he never expected to fall in love with her.

“Kikwang-hyung?” Dongwoon's deep voice rang through him.

“Hmmm?” Kikwang muttered as he shook his head and looked at Beast's tall maknae.

Dongwoon laid a hand on his shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. “We're leaving hyung. We're going home.”

“Ara.” Kikwang only nodded, his mind going elsewhere. “Yeah, let's go home.”

He just hoped she came home.


9am, December 14 - Manhattan, New York
Skye Records


Mira turned around, as she adjusted her black pea coat before heading out of the building. She stopped to meet with Nyda, who was the manager of the girl group she was working with. Meeting brown eyes, Mira gave Nyda a somewhat small smile, indicating she was none to please. “Yes? Can I do something for you, Nyda?”

Nyda, whose ethnic roots were also Korean, rammed her fists into her purse and drew out a card. She handed Mira the somewhat opaque paper filled with intricate designs, her caramel colored skin darker against Mira's own fair skin. One wouldn't guess Nyda as Korean, but more as Southeast Asian since her skin was so dark. “Here. I forgot to give this to you. I hope you can make it.”

Nyda took a step back before adjusting her own winter coat, the style, color and size way off Mira's standards, before she left Skye's building and out into the snowed landscape of Manhattan. Mira shook her head at the Korean woman, who was older than her by a couple of years, but Mira had more of a senority card over her. She was an ex-idol and now she was a trainee at CUBE and a lyricist as well as a composer. She sighed, her position only somewhat working in South Korea.

Opening the card, Mira strolled to one of the lobby's chair before she left the building. She read the invitation, her gut somewhat pained. A Christmas Party... And to bring a date...

Putting the card in her Coach bag, she got up, her black snowboots elongating her legs as she stepped out of the warm building and into the chilly day. She walked to her car, pulling out her keys and pressed the unlocked button before settling herself into the car and driving off. Mira needed to feel better. Blasting up Beast's “Fiction”, she drove home drunk off of six amazing Korean vocals.


5pm, December 15 - Seoul, South Korea
BEAST's Dorm

“So boys, I think you'll be pleased.” Beast's manager exclaimed as Beast all gathered into the living room.

“Pleased about what, hyungnim?” Hyunseung asked as he laid on the floor and messed with his recently dyed hair.

Jiwan sat with the boys and looked at each of them. To him, they were the usual spontanaeous, if not hyper, boys he ever managed. Well, they were the first boys he managed but he was glad to be working with them. “Well I got you in an event for Christmas.”

“Is it on Christmas?” Yoseob asked as he played random games on his phone. “Hyungnim, I promised my omma that I'm going to celebrate with them this year.”

“Andwae.” Jiwan shook his head, to which Yoseob and the others let out a sigh of relief. “Its on the 22nd.”

“What type of event? It doesn't involve girls right?” Junhyung asked as he played with his stuffed Pikachu. “Because Hara-”

Jiwan just chuckled at Junhyung and threw the nearest thing he could find: Dongwoon's shirt. “Yah! If it involves girls is my business. You have a girlfriend already, Junhyung.”

Dongwoon siddled next to his hyung and snatched up his shirt. He threw Jiwan a glare before hugging the clothing in his arms. “Hyungnim! You abused my shirt!”

“Hyung will buy you a new one.” Jiwan said to Dongwoon to pacify the tall maknae. He looked at each particular boy and grinned. “I have three new songs for you guys. And you're suppose to learn it before the event.”

“But that's not enough time!” Doojoon said aloud as he whipped his head to look at the manager. “That's only like a week, hyungnim!”

“Its enough time. Doojoon-ah and Dongwoon-ah are playing piano and singing a ballad. Yoseob-ah and Junhyung-ah are doing a rap. No dancing.” He saw the boys bewildered faces and chuckled. “Hyunseung-ah and Kikwang-ah, you both have an RnB song. Improvise your dancing.”

Jiwan got up and strolled to the door where whis bag was. He took out the lyrics and the composition and handed it to the boys. “Practice. Because you're going to perform in front of a lot of Americans.”


3pm, December 16 - Manhattan, New York
Mira's Apartment

Mira sat on her couch, her laptop sitting on the brown coffee table. Her screen showed the lyrics to the song she wrote, thinking that she already sent it in to the producer. It made her nervous, wondering what she thought of his opinions. True, the verses didn't rhyme. In fact, she wrote it in Korean before translating it into English. She was just listening to Beast's “Easy” as she wrote it, the lyrics coming out Korean instead of English.

“Mira! I'm going out!” Her roommate, Kate, said as she threw her long red curls over her shoulder and left. “Don't wait up for me.”

Mira just nodded and continued to stare at her computer screen. She shook her head and sighed. “I need to get my minds off of this.”

Picking up the remote control, she flipped the TV on and turned it to KBS Music Bank where she watched a re-run of Beast's Comeback stage. She knew they already had their Goodbye stage awhile ago and were preparing for a new album and comeback stage but she couldn't help but smile at the silliness of the boys. Just seeing her boyfriend singing and dancing to “Beautiful” made her heart stop.

She smiled and giggled. Then she looked at her computer screen again, the smile still on her lips. She read the lyrics, commentary playing in her head: Let it snow, let it snow. Come to me, Come back to me... “It is snowing. But its not like he never left me. I left him, didn't I? To come here?”

Let it snow, let it snow. I go back to sleep again, I wait for you in my dreams... “I do go to sleep and dream of him. To have him hold me in his arms and whisper sweet words.”

Can't the happy times between us come back to us again? Can't you come back? Can't you give yourself to me? “I would go back in an instant, but I have a contract here. I can't leave. I would give myself completely to you... But...”

I don't know why I'm doing this. You're my sweetie boy, my baby. Hug my coldness, my love~ “Yeah, I have no clue why I'm doing this. But I do want him to hug me because it is cold...”

I want your lips, your kiss. I want your love, your honesty. Tonight I want you again. All of my wants all of you... “I miss his lips and kisses. I miss his love. I miss that dorky yet honest personality of his...”

Mira laid her head on her arms as she stared at the screen. Her eyes shifted to the TV where Beast began singing "Niga Jeil Joha". She looked at Kikwang's happy face, the perfect features of his face, his smile that made her melt, the eye-smile that made her giggle. She wished she could see him again. A couple of months of not seeing him was nothing compared to a whole year. And she missed him dearly.

“All I want for Christmas is you.”


10pm, December 17 - Seoul, South Korea
BEAST's Dorm

Kikwang laid in bed and thought about the first practice he had with Hyunseung. The song was a melodic one and when he asked his manager where he got the lyrics, Jiwan gave him a look and muttered that he got it from an American producer. Kikwang shrugged his shoulders, defeated. He started to sing his lines with Hyunseung and in no time at all did he have a routine to dance too. It was a simple melodic beat with soothing sounds.

The lyrics rung in his head, somehow reminding him of Mira: I come to you, I hold your hands again. “I wish I could go to her. I wish I could hold her hands once more.”

I start to shake again, I go back to those times... “Here I am, freezing my butt off and shaking. I miss those times where we snuggled...”

The precious times between us, can you return those times back to me. Can't you come to me? Can't I have you? “Why'd you have to go Mira? My heart can't take it no more.”

Kikwang sat up in bed, sweat running down his body. He pulled the beater up over his head and threw the covers aside and went into the bathroom. He turned on the shower, cold water running down his body to help get rid of his certain problem.

And he ended up waking the rest of the group with his midnight shower.


5pm, December 22 - Manhattan, New York
Skye Records

Mira sighed as she adjusted the little red dress she wore. She told herself that she would never wear the dress, since it was a gift from Kikwang on their 300th day. The day before she left for New York. She walked to the buffet table and looked at the selection of food, not noticing the tall man next to her.

“Mira-noona?” He said as he lookes her over. His mouth broke into a wide grin and he set his plate down before attacking her with a big bear hug. “Noona! It is you~”

“Oomph!” Mira let out a groan as he hugged her tightly. “Let go of me. People are looking. Who are you?”

The tall man released her but looked hurt. “Noona, how can you forget me already? It's Dongwoon, remember? Son Dongwoon?”

Mira looked at him and noticed his Arabian features. Last time she saw him, he had longer hair that fell into his face but now it was shorter and he looked more like a westerner that she didn't recognize him. “Dongwoon? My dongsaeng from Beast?”

“Noona?” Dongwoon raised his eyebrows and pouted. “Noona?”

“SON DONGWOON!!! IT IS YOU!” Mira yelled out as she enveloped him in a hug. “Are the other oppas here?”

“Yeh.” He looked at the small stage that was set up for the employees of Skye Records to sing for the holiday specials. “Oh, hyungs are already up.”

Mira looked at the stage to see Hyunseung and another Beast member. Her heart stopped as she looked at the man next to Hyunseung. He looked the same, the same smile, the same face, the same eyes. He seemed not to notice her, his eyes looking at the large crowd gathered before him.

And then it played. The song that Mira wrote. And in Korean.

Mira felt the tears coming to her eyes. Her breathing became heavy, never imagining that her boyfriend would be singing her song in Korean. She loved him and he completed her soul. After his performance, Kikwang stood to the side with the other Beast members as they were being praised by American Idols. Mira had told Dongwoon to tell the others that she was there but to keep it quiet around Kikwang. She wanted to surprise him.

“How did we do, hyungnim?” Kikwang asked their manager.

Jiwan noticed the all too familiar female creeping up behind Kikwang and he secretly smile. “You guys did good.”

Kikwang suddenly felt arms wrapping around his waist and a face buried against his back. “You were great... My special, special, special guy...”

He was at a loss for words. He never imagined another girl hitting on him. What was he going to tell Mira? “Umm...”

The female chuckled and he felt her arms go loose. He turned on her expecting to meet an American idol with blonde hair and blue eyes, but he came to contact with the most beautiful orbs of brown he remembered so well. Her hand came to rest against his cheek as she smiled at him. “Kikwang-oppa... I missed you so.”

The sight of his girlfriend in the little red dress he bought her made him smile. He caressed her cheek and cupped her face before leaning in and brushing a tantalizing kiss on her lips. “Mira, I missed you too...”

They kissed once more, the crowd that stopped to stare at them fading away. Kikwang moved his lips over hers continously, his tongue lightly brushing her lower lip before biting on her lower lip and sucking the delicate flesh. He kissed her again, ever so sweet yet demanding. For what seemed like hours, Mira pulled back slightly and rested her head on his chest. She sighed and then chuckled. “Oppa, its snowing.”

Kikwang looked out the window and smiled down at her. Giving her a squeeze he chuckled. “Because you let it snow.”


The End
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Let It Snow

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