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[GUIDELINES] Collab Takeovers

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LTS Co-Admin
LTS Co-Admin

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PostSubject: [GUIDELINES] Collab Takeovers 13th January 2012, 11:45

As some of you may have noticed around the forum, we actually have several collabs that are being 'abandoned' by their owners/initiators & hence a takeover is required to see the collab to its end. However though, I did realise that there are no clearcut guidelines as to how these collabs can be adopted or when these collabs can be adopted, so I hope this post does the job!

We typically give each collab a 30 day 'lifespan'. If the collab has gone 30 days without any update from the owner/initiator:
  • A member from the cast can automatically volunteer to takeover.
  • A packager would step in to ask for volunteers from the cast (Which would typically be the case since the packagers would be monitoring these collabs' 'health' levels)
  • In the case where there are no volunteers from the cast at all (which should be pretty rare, I hope), the packager can edit the title of the collab to eg, "[T.O.][OPEN][KOREAN] Super Junior - Sorry Sorry", where T.O. would represent Take Over. And whoever wants to take over the collab may do so, even if he/she does not belong in the cast. Which in this case he/she technically would, since he/she will probably be taking over the empty cast space left by the initiator.

Thank you to you all who have been selflessly taking over responsibility of these 'abandoned' collabs so far!
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[GUIDELINES] Collab Takeovers

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