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 Hwayoung Unnie ~

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LTS Snowflake
LTS Snowflake

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PostSubject: Hwayoung Unnie ~   30th July 2012, 14:03

Hello everyone,
I suppose you heard about CCM hiring Hwayoung so unfairly cause she has been bullied by other T-ara members ?
What do you think about that ? (there is the article, you can see others they're all related)

Personnaly i'm on Hwayoung's side and i find that CCM is nothing !
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PostSubject: Re: Hwayoung Unnie ~   30th July 2012, 14:27

Well I wouldn't jump to conclusions, I mean... it's impossible to say that Hwayoung was completely innocent and everyone decided to bully her cuz they felt like it. It takes two to make a quarrel, right? I'm sure Hwayoung has to take at least a part of the blame.

And I don't this is a bad development for her at all either. After all, if she was getting bullied and all the other staff had complaints about her as well, I doubt she was entirely happy staying in T-ara like that. And she's very lucky that her contract was ended with no conditions. She's free to pursue her own career and shine on her own now.
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PostSubject: Re: Hwayoung Unnie ~   30th July 2012, 14:54

I'm personally on Hwayoung's side as well.

They do have a reason to bully Hwayoung, that is because she was a late new member in T-ara and CCM has been intending to add more members, that means more competition for lines.

Although, again, this isn't entirely 6-ara's fault, they do not have to bully Hwayoung because of that, I don't see After School having problems with their new members, they are even happy to have them in and After School debuted before T-ara and added more members than T-ara.

Of course Hwayoung isn't that innocent in this situation as well, she must be quite unreasonable(?), idk whether thats the word to describe her. Her behaviour might have triggered the 6-ara's currently tolerance for a new member.

But for 6-ara(Jiyeon,Eunjung,Hyomin,Boram&Soyeon only, basically everyone accept Qri) to bring their dissatisfaction into public, is very immature of them. Hwayoung was injured, yes and they were talking about determination. How could you have determination while your injured? I assume that they are talking about determination to be on stage. Hwayoung was suppose to sit down and rap for the performance but she backed out last minute, 2 songs before theirs. Then Eunjung and Hyomin had to cover for her, but they are not very familiar with Hwayoung's parts and so you see Hyomin forgetting some of Hwayoung's lines that she had to cover. She seems pissed off to cover her part as well.

What i think, Jiyeon,Eunjung,Hyomin are the main bullies. Boram tried to fit in as she didn't want to get bullied as well. Soyeon's quite neutral but is still quite with Jiyeon,Eunjung and Hyomin's side. Qri is probably the closest to Hwayoung, but similar to Boram's case, she didn't want to get bullied as well, but she was more quiet about it.

Its like 5DOLLS case all over again, and it ended up the same.
-Soomi gets kicked out/left
-Hwayoung gets kicked out/left

These are just my opinion, assumptions. They might be wrong, might be right.

As for Hwayoung's departure, as much as i loved her in T-ara, i think she'll be better of signing with a better company and enter a girl group with girls she could befriend with, and hopefully, 6-ara and Hwayoung can resolve their situation and be good friends maybe? I also hope that the same thing doesn't happen to Ahreum and Dani.
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PostSubject: Re: Hwayoung Unnie ~   30th July 2012, 15:16

As someone who has been a victim of bullying, I can say from experience that a bully doesn't need justification or reason to pick on someone who can't defend themselves. If they do have justifiable reasons to be mean/upset or whatever and they take the bullying route, then that just shows how immature they are because they lack the ability to address their concerns directly like adults.

They're a large group, sure, and yes, they do have to distribute parts sometimes at the expense of others, but do they have control over their music? No. They can't control who does what and who gets what, but they can control the outcome if the unexpected happens. If Hyayoung got hurt and couldn't perform while dancing, then she should have done a Jonghyun and performed in a seat. If she couldn't do even that, then she should have done an Amber and just not perform at all and CCM should have changed their routine in a way that didn't incorporate Hyayoung's parts or should have had her parts prerecorded (or teach available members all parts to each song they do because you never know with such a group with their work load who will fall out). Considering the schedules T-ara has, it should not come as a surprise if someone gets hurt on the job and it's CCM's fault for not having a plan B.

As far as Hyayoung's leaving T-ara, I heard she'll be moving to Cube, so it may end up in her favor if they can find something for her to do should she continue her career.
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LTS Snowflake
LTS Snowflake

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PostSubject: Re: Hwayoung Unnie ~   31st July 2012, 11:40

What I don't get is why CCM revealed all this stuff about Hwayoung in the first place. Usually a company is civil to a member, no matter how big the controversy is - take SM with Hangeng and JYJ, or KARA's lawsuit for example. They didn't reveal stuff about them or how "diva-ish" they were, so what gives CCM the right to do that.

If Hwayoung really was getting bullied, this would just be rubbing salt into the wound that her own company is saying these things about her. It's immature. It's like some one talking behind your back and bitching about you. And the bullying rumors are horrible. I'm sorry CCM but you really shouldn't say that Hwayoung cause Jiyeon's attitude problem. If the rumors are true, she had attitude long before that incident.

Other groups seem fine with new members joining at a later stage. I mean come on! After School has a graduation process. They lost an awesome rapper and a great leader in the form of Bekah and Kahi and I've noticed during the last three eras - Because of You, Bang! and Shampoo - that they looked out for Nana, Lizzy and E-Young. So to hear the rumors that Jiyeon slapped Hwayoung and shouted at her for being the new member is terrible.

Now this is the dumb part, I have heard on Tumblr that people are hating on T-ARA roleplayers after this.

. . .

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Human Race.... Come on!! They're not the real T-ARA. They're just normal people who have nothing to do with the Hwayoung situation. I think stuff like this happened with the Block B controversy too. Roleplayers shouldn't get hate for something just because the idol they play did it.

I have been a victim of bullying and backstabbing before - heck, that was part of the reason why I had to leave LTS for a while - so all my support goes to Hwayoung. She is a great rapper and to hear she is getting love and support from groups such as Sistar and Infinite is heart-warming.

I just hope the REAL truth comes out soon! Hwayoung FIGHTING!!

(Sorry if you don't agree on this. This was just my opinion)
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PostSubject: Re: Hwayoung Unnie ~   

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Hwayoung Unnie ~

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