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Teen Top - Missing You

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LTS Firefly
LTS Firefly

Female Number of posts : 431
Age : 24
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PostSubject: Teen Top - Missing You 10th April 2013, 05:46

Niel - Yuki
Changjo - Hara
Ricky/Chunji - Linda
C.A.P - stefy
L.Joe - Yuki(yukinaq)

@Yuki: i can feel the emotions >_< it's fine to not hit the high notes because it's your own style~ it sounds nice :)

@Hara: i like how you changed the notes in the beginning it's so original >w< and you hit the high notes just right :3

@Linda: i really like how you sing~ it's got emotion and it's original. but your mic >w< i had to use noise reduction and now it sounds kinda weird with it sorryy >__<

@stefy: you did fine on rapping but i just think you should practice more before recording because there are some words that you couldn't enunciate or just skipped over. there's still room for improvement ^^ sorry if i sound harsh i tend to be like that for raps D:

@me: .
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LTS Firefly
LTS Firefly

Female Number of posts : 215
Age : 19
Registration date : 2013-02-28

PostSubject: Re: Teen Top - Missing You 10th April 2013, 12:34

Wah, if came out good!! And omg yes, I know. I should have ;~;
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Female Number of posts : 1590
Age : 28
Location : In Beast Universe
Registration date : 2011-10-30

PostSubject: Re: Teen Top - Missing You 10th April 2013, 14:00

i like this~
it has its own style and everything~
woot~ i guess i can do comments too (its a rare thing for me lolol)

Yuki - Good job! Don't worry about hitting those high notes. Not everyone can sing high like Niel. I can definitely hear the emotion in your voice and that makes it a thumbs up :)

Hara - Its in a higher octave and i give you props for that! i definitely cannot sing Changjo's parts in a higher octave. it has to be around the same for me, since my voice is kinda husky. I definitely love the way you sang it and changed the noted up a bit. It suits your style :)

Linda - :) yeah, like i said, my mic was bad here. Normally, i don't record with a bad mic but i left my good one at my parents' place LOl. other than that, it turned out well. But god my husky voice lolol. To me, Chunji's notes were a bit high for me to reach lolol

Stephy - Good job :) I can see you have potential. With a little more practicing you can definietly spit those raps out like fire. Like Yuki siad, there were some words that you couldnt enunciate or you just skipped. but no worries, we all did it at some point (i know i did when i first rapped). You do have power in your rapping but just practice more, arraseo? :)

Yuki-saeng - No words can describe what i feel about your rapping~ Female L.Joe represent LOL

Overall, good job ladies~ it turned out really good :)
give yourself a pat on your back :)
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Female Number of posts : 157
Age : 22
Location : Germany
Registration date : 2013-01-23

PostSubject: Re: Teen Top - Missing You 10th April 2013, 15:22

Waa it came out very nice *-*

@Linda & yukinaq: Aww thank you two so much ToT <333
I was so afraid that everyone will hate my parts T.T
Thank you so much <333
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LTS Firefly
LTS Firefly

Female Number of posts : 82
Age : 20
Location : Greece
Registration date : 2012-12-18

PostSubject: Re: Teen Top - Missing You 10th April 2013, 21:23

I really liked this collab !!
Keep rolling guys!!
You guys nailed it!!
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LTS Firefly
LTS Firefly

Female Number of posts : 280
Age : 24
Location : Toronto, Ca
Registration date : 2011-11-11

PostSubject: Re: Teen Top - Missing You 11th April 2013, 02:41

Wow! I really enjoyed listening to this collab. Perfect mixing, video is simple, no-one is off tune or timing; well done on that hand, Yuki-q~ ;)

Momma Yuki~ look at you spittin' dem Niel vocals~ haha, I'd point out lack of energy at certain points however the tune and pitch; you got it down lady <3 I can totally see you doing them high notes in the future, like I told you before, practice makes perfect <3 hehe.

Lindaaaaa~ I'd blame the mic for the puffy beginnings however I love how you can change from high to low depending on the collab type T.T my voice is forever high (hence why I changed the way Changjo does his part xD)

Stefy~ I don't know you very well, but I just wanna tell you, you're cute! Haha, I loved listening to your attempt at perfecting CAP's usual confusing raps haha. You must have put alot of effort, like I always tell people practice makes perfect, so keep workin' on that swagging tone of yours; perfection shall come right around the corner. Well done, love <3

Yuki-q <3 MIXING, Flawless. Rap? Extra flawless, I loveeeee you as L.Joe chica, idk what it is but sometimes your breathing in between the rap adds epicness to it and just flows it all together in a perfect piece T.T you're so talented my lady. Well done <3 I wanna hear you rapping more~ hehe.

I love this you guys!!! So good <3

& Thanks for the compliments Linda & Yuki-q, tbh I just couldn't do it the way Changjo did, so if its original, thanks (even though it wasn't intended to be) HAHA ;)
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PostSubject: Re: Teen Top - Missing You

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Teen Top - Missing You

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